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Madison Metropolitan School District

Class Placement Process

A great deal of thought goes into placing children in classes each year. The process is complex and time consuming, as teachers focus on each child’s needs. Several factors, including family input is considered and every effort is made to place each child in a learning environment where they will be the most successful.

Process Summary:
1. Around mid-March, family input, such as information about their child’s personality, social and academic skills will be solicited. This parent input form will be sent via backpack mail. We will not accept requests for specific teachers.

2. Around late March, “sending” teachers reflect about their students. Then, the “sending” teachers engage in placement discussions related to academic skills, social skills, talents and needs of each student. Family input is also seriously considered during these discussions. Additionally, the teachers work hard to ensure that each class list has an equitable distribution of academic peers, diversity, and socially balanced groups.

3. The “receiving” teachers, specials teachers, Talented and Gifted support teacher, English as a Second Language teachers and Cross Categorical teachers provide their input on the recommendations of the “sending” teachers.

4. The principal and Instructional Resource Teacher meet with the “sending” and “receiving” teachers to provide their input on the preliminary recommendations as well.

5. Placement conversations continue during the summer as we enroll new students and continue to work on balancing our classrooms. This allows us maximum flexibility due to fluctuating enrollment.

6. The principal makes every effort to finalize the class lists before registration so that placement decisions can be announced during registration.

7. Please be advised that enrollment can change for all grade levels and that a student’s teacher COULD BE CHANGED due to class sections being added or reduced.