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Madison Metropolitan School District

About Us

Shorewood Hills Elementary School is known affectionately as “The Little United Nations,” because of its international student population. Many of its 480 students are citizens of countries other than the United States. Approximately half of the students reside in University of Wisconsin housing, Eagle Heights or University Houses; other students live in the surrounding Village of Shorewood Hills, the city of Madison or a neighboring city.

Shorewood Hills Elementary School celebrates its diverse student body. With over 37 languages represented, nearly half of our students are considered English Language Learners.

The school community takes tremendous pride in its racial and gender diversity. Therefore, we implement the Welcoming School Gender Spectrum Program to ensure that all of our students, staff, and families have a sense of belonging at our school.

Students at Shorewood Hills demonstrate high levels of achievement in academic, artistic, and athletic areas. We provide the tools and environments necessary to accelerate student learning. For example, we are a 1:1 school for digital technology which is used for meaningful personalization of learning for both students and staff.

Coupled with a rigorous curriculum, Shorewood Hills Elementary School supports the social and emotional growth of every student. Curricula such as Second Step, Welcoming Schools, and Zones of Regulation along with race and equity dialogues are integrated into the classrooms.

Shorewood Hills’ teaching staff includes a healthy blend of experienced professionals and enthusiastic, skilled teachers who are newer to the field. These dedicated teachers contribute substantially to student successes. Families provide a tremendous amount of support for learning. Their involvement creates an essential partnership between home and school and results in deep and rich learning for Shorewood Hills School children. Please visit our Family Resource Center to learn more about how we can partner together to take learning to high levels for our students.


A group of happy students at school.
Students are enjoying lunch in the cafeteria.

Shorewood's Shared Mission:

Our school will continue to be a supportive and safe learning community of staff, students, and families who value education and are dedicated to a tradition of high academic achievement for all children; where the educational environment and content are designed to encourage the development of students’ intellectual, artistic, technological, physical, social, and emotional strengths; where students develop a global perspective and appreciation of different ethnic backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs; where we recognize the efforts of our students in thoughtful ways; where students nurture a commitment to environmental sustainability; and where students learn to become responsible citizens, creative independent thinkers and civic leaders for the 21st century.